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book clubs



I love book clubs!

I love being in one, and I love visiting them. Invite me to yours!

If you’re in Washington, DC — and, at certain times, London or New York City — I can come in person. If not, we can Skype.

Either way, here are some questions to guide your discussion if you’re planning to read Unscripted as a group.

Please note: spoilers ahead! If you’re planning to read the book, it’s best to leave this page until afterwards.

1.       Who was your first celebrity crush? Did you go to any lengths to meet them or get in touch with them?

2.       Would you like to be famous? Why or why not?

3.       What are the downsides to fames that we see in the book?

4.       What are some of the cultural differences between the UK and the US that you picked up on in the novel?

5.       Which of the characters did you most identify with?

6.       Are there any characters (major or minor) you would love to know more about?

7.       Which of the couples were you rooting for, and why?

8.       If Ebba hadn’t been on the scene, could a relationship have developed and ultimately worked out between Libby and Thom?

9.       Libby goes to extraordinary lengths to pursue her dreams. Is this something you’d envisage doing? Or, as Ebba says, do you agree that sometimes a dream is meant to stay just that – a dream, rather than something you work for?

10.   Did Libby deserve her ending? Did this matter to you?